Victoria University; A Great Place for Artists to Thrive

Image result for Victoria UniversityVictoria University is a school located in Wellington, an arts hub. It is seemingly appropriate that the school offers a program in visual arts. One program that is becoming popular is the The Maser of Fine Arts with a focus on Creative Practice which is a world renowned program. The program is known for its industry focus making a degree that is practical and where students leave with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience they need to create a long lasting and successful career in the world of Visual Arts.

The program is an intensive program, lasting a short but intense 12 months. Students choose between design, film, music and theatre as their focus of study or area of focus. There are 3 semesters that are taken either on campus or through more flexible/online classes. The program involves in-class learning, coursework and an internship. Overall, the cost is around NZ $13 000 which equates to about US$9200.The Kelburn campus is located in the capitcal city of Wellington.

As mentioned above, you will choose your area of focus in terms of your studies but that does not mean that you won’t have exposure or opportunity to explore other areas of art and study. There are opportunities for interdisciplinary work and exposure with the option to take courses, attend events, network with experts in the various areas of focus so that you leave with well rounded knowledge and understanding of the world of Visual art.

A large part of the program is the practical element with an internship alongside industry experts in a country known for its creativity and ingenuity. The whole program has a heavy focus on collaboration, offering the opportunity to work in teams, with peers, experts, professors and many others to promote the transfer of knowledge and to foster creativity.

The program is recognized and sought out by local students but also students all over the world.