The Mob – Organised, Ruthless and Unstoppable

The Mob forms a tremendous part of American history and has in a way moulded it into the society it is today. The understanding of organised crime and how it impacted and affected society in America is something that is often not fully grasped. The Mob Museum in Las Vegas is on a path to change that. FRelated imageor many, the Mob is something born out of films, however, the reality of the situation is that they did exist and in many instances struck fear in the hearts of those who crossed their paths.

Mob Museum Experience

A visit to the museum provides you with an opportunity to explore an era in history that has had telling effects on the present. The interactive displays and exhibits bring forth true-life stories and bring to life events that actually took place. Minutes from Fremont Street you will find the location of the restored post office building and courthouse which date back to 1933. Within the walls of these two buildings, you will discover artifacts of law enforcement which relate to the Mob and are unique. Exhibits allow an explore and experience first hand the dealing of the Mob.

New, Exciting Additions

Prohibition was a period in time where brewing of beer and the distilling of spirits was deemed illegal. Many underground operations were born from this. Speakeasies and distilleries operated from hidden places and distributed liquor to the eager public under the radar. During this era, the Mob monopolised on the need for liquor and began smuggling spirits over the border into the country. They made use of hidden skills to create something called Moonshine. Everything concerning the Mob came with a price. They were no-nonsense, “we call the shots”- group who would not let anyone stand in their way and if you tried, the impending wrath was not a pleasant experience.