The Fiordland’s Best Kept Secret

Image result for The Fiordland’s Best Kept SecretMilford Sound falls within the confines of the Fiordland National Park on the South Island of New Zealand. The area is protected by the Department of Nature Conservation, which seeks to preserve the beauty of the area and the wildlife. Milford Sound has often been referred to as the tourist destination in New Zealand that is most famous, some even calling it the Eighth Wonder Of The World. The natural spectacle on display is absolutely breathtaking, and the scenery and surrounding visuals will leave you in awe of what has been set before you.

The Beauty of Nature

Milford Sound is said to have been carved during the ice ages by glaciers. The fiords are surrounded by cliffs that rise from the water below like giants. The mountain peaks appear like marble reaching for the sky, often snow-capped in magnificence. Waterfalls tumble 1000 meters to the waters below, magnified only by the ample rainfall in the area. Forests and mossy ground surround the ice castles, and the wildlife within is spectacular. Endangered species are dotted throughout the landscape, hidden only by the blankets of green.

Bucket List

Exploring the beauty of the region, and the wondrous landscape is an adventure in its own right. Experience the power of the Milford Sound, day or night, by boat. A view from the water gives you an entirely different perspective. If the air is more your style, marvel at the treasures a scenic flight across the National Park unravel and get a true birds-eye view of the region at a glance. Diving and kayaking are activities available for the more adventurous, and provide an exhilarating and exciting experience. The underwater observatory provides a learning experience that you will never forget. Learn more about the marine life, and gaze in wonder at the strange creatures that dwell beneath the surface.