Pinball Hall Of Fame – Dream Big

Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA is the casino capital of the world. Bright lights, wall to wall casinos and hotels and the famous strip. Everything about Las Vegas screams entertainment and over the top activities. Thousands of people grace the strip each year to try their hand at a chance at fortune with a live dealer and to experience the thrill of it all. Museums in Las Vegas are plentiful, however, many of them may not be what you are accustomed to when speaking of such facilities but at the end of the day they do have a story that must be heard.

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While arcade games were once a form of entertainment for the youth with games halls scattered throughout towns and cities, the old school games seem to have made way for more electronic games. The recreational arcade games like pinball may not have been played in a bid to win money, however, the addictive nature can be compared to that of slot machines in a casino. The bright lights and sounds reminiscent of the sounds you hear when entering the doors of a casino provides the same feeling conjured up by the pinball machine.

The Hall of Fame

The decoration and layout of this museum, of sorts, is over the top and takes a rather in your face approach. Futuristic artworks and age-old space posters adorn the walls. The strange combination of cartoons and music stars past and present is one that seems to work together and lures you into the lair. Concrete floors and white walls are brought to life by rows and rows of arcade machines. Noises, beeping, alarms, colour and lights provide a sensory overload that is pleasurable. Pinball, believe it or not, is still in the manufacture, however, the newer versions are more of a show than anything else but still really amazing to set eyes on.