New Zealand’s Influence in Changing the World Through Art

Image result for New Zealand's InfluenceNew Zealand is known and loved by many locals for its thriving and prominent art culture. Art is also one of the main reasons that visitors come from far and wide to visit and immerse themselves in the Kiwi culture.

As a diverse population and as a group known for their “kiwi ingenuity” art is something that is deeply embedded into the culture and its various elements. Technology and innovation have been embraced and incorporated into the art and the culture in some astounding ways.

Beyond the beautiful landscapes and outdoor adventures, tourists will find and have a hard time avoiding the creativity and art in New Zealand.

One of the most interesting elements of the art and creativity in New Zeland is the fusion and influence of so much rich history including Maori, Polynesian, Asian and every kind of European influence and prevelance. It is so fascinating to see history remain a key and explicitly acknowledged part of the culture in such creative ways.

New Zealand has always been known to be ahead of the game in terms of innovation in many fields, with art being no exclusion. There have been countless famous pieces, famous artists and films that have come from New Zealand. It has been argued that art can and is changing the world, and if you visit New Zealand, you’re sure to become a believer in this. Art may be one of the main reasons that New Zealand is so peaceful, kind and welcoming. From the welcoming and celebration of their history to the diversity within the population, New Zealand is a place where there is no “normal” and they are making the news for the new and innovative ways that they think of, conceptualize and do things. Make sure you make New Zealand top of your bucket list.