Las Vegas Strip This Way

Las Vegas is all bright lights and a big city. The first impression of the city is created by the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign in neon lights. The sign originally designed by Betty Willis is the greeting to the Strip from the southern side and has been since 1959. The excitement and thrill of a trip to Las Vegas are heightened by the signs that are absolutely everywhere. Each one bigger and brighter than the next. Each wishing you welcome into a particular establishment, the first way to advertise before the online world with Ruby Fortune online casino taking place in the eyes of people.

Neon Museum

Established in 1996, the Neon Museum spans an area on the eastern side of Las Vegas Boulevard. Retired signs were donated by Young Electric Sign Company to get the ball rolling. The collection encompasses these old signs as well as signs from buildings in the city that have been imploded or renovated. New additions are continually added and there is always something new to see and admire. The visitors’ centre can be found at the rehabilitated and relocated lobby of the La Concha Motel. While the La Concha was once part of the Las Vegas Strip, in 2005 is escaped demolition and relocated to the Boneyard to serve the purpose of the visitors’ centre for the attraction.

A Trip in Time

Visiting the Neon Museum by night is an experience of a lifetime. A number of signs have been restored to their former glory and shine brightly with colours and the sparkle of history. The collection of other signs while not in working order don’t go unnoticed with lights projected onto each. This is the place where signs destined for the dump are given a new lease on life. Each sign has a story attached that portrays an era in Las Vegas that will never be forgotten.