Adam Art Gallery

Image result for Adam Art GalleryPurpose built as the gallery for Victoria University of Wellington, holding collections related to the university but is also open to the public. It has been open since September 1999 and was designed by Ian Athfield. The location spans over three buildings, the Hunter Building, the Old Kirk Building, and the Student Union Building. The name comes from its benefactors, Denis and Verna Adam.

The gallery boasts exhibitions and events featuring local and international artists and the many gallery spaces host a number of performances, exhibitions, and lectures.

To visit the Adam Art Gallery is free, and over the years has seen many impressive art projects from the likes of Brett Graham, Mark Adams, Vivian Lynn, Pauline Rhodes, and Darcy Lange. Other international artists include Zhang Huan, Destiny Deacon, Gunther Uecker, and Joseph Grigely.

The mission of the gallery is to provide a deeper understanding and critical view of the connection between art and culture, its reflection of how people react to and engage with the world. They develop their exhibitions and public programmes that seek to engage critical thinking and provide new insights into art, its culture, relevance, and history. When you visit the gallery, you’ll notice the balance the space strikes in its collection of media that ranges between individual and group projects, art forms, and media that aim to explore different themes. They especially like to explore forms of art that challenge social norms and the usual way of looking at the world.

Check out Adam Art Gallery’s site to discover more and find out what exhibitions and events they are currently hosting. They regularly work with other organisations and individuals, especially those new to the art world, and it is easy to get in touch. Visit the gallery yourself for free to gain new and insightful knowledge into the world of art.